Flash Professional - Toolkit for Dart

Flash Professional is the most popular authoring tool to create vector graphics, animations, games and rich internet applications for the web. Previously your content was exported to the SWF file format which could be viewed with the Flash Player plugin. The Toolkit for Dart is an extension for Flash Professional to export your content to Dart and the StageXL library. This feature allows designers to use the tool they love and at the same time create content for the modern web.

Special thanks to Adobe for releasing the Toolkit for Dart as open source project! The source code is available on GitHub and your contributions are highly appreciated. You can download and learn more about the Toolkit for Dart here: Toolkit for Dart

Please visit the Toolkit for Dart homepage for demos and informations.
The video below is from the "Getting started" section on the Toolkit for Dart homepage.

Coming soon ...
Coming soon ...